Sorba tales

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 Take a deep breath before the half slide that precedes the magic flight, that moment of eternity where you are in perfect symbiosis with the torrent, you share its journey, its rolling from one stone to another and all its verticality.

Enrolled in the Degree course Forestry Science. At the continuous research of Valsesia unknown hiking paths. No longer able to give up to any hiking in the free time.

Ravanate Valsesiane

Kayaker instructor based in Bergamo, free flower in the Italian and world wide rivers. His goal is to transmit the passion for whitewater sharing the purest emotions to achieve the highest joy.

Stefano Mozzali

Son of the Valley, protector of its flows, kayak and snowboard teacher. He is currently creating a center for regrouping all mountain and river lovers under the same flag.

Jacques Gilardone

Whitewater addicted and kayaker instructor. She travels around the world with her kayak but her heart belongs to Valsesia. Strongly motivated in sharing her passion: the relationships built in the river last a lifetime.

Elena Luciotti

Fick river guide, company manager, traveller of the wildest European sceneries, by his own words no place compares to Valsesia, coming back to it always feels like the first time.  He is based in Brescia.

Mark Sails

Kayaker, rafting guide, swimmer. He paddled through the five continents. He has always dreamt big without the fear of failure. Few unexpected made him think his path was come to the end, but he was wrong.

Roberto Chilosi
Freedom and Valsesia enthusiast, in love with water and its shapes. She never misses the chance to follow the flow losing herself in her dream valley where she lives the vortex of emotions it leads her to. 

Marta Cucciaglioni

Giovanni is a professional athlete who represents the Carabinieri in the discipline of canoe slalom. He is a four-time former winner races in the World Championships and was a finalist in the Rio de Janeiro Olympics. He is current Italian national champion, lying 7th in the international rankings.

Giovanni De Gennaro

The sound of silence - Billy

Billy is the founder of Kriminal Kayak, he dedicates his life to the river. In 2019 he established the Kriminal Kayak House in Chile, hosting kayakers and organizing kayaking on the unspoilt Rio Futaleufu. 

Kriminal Kayak

Francesco is the recordman. Fick kayak master and Fick instructors' and guides' trainer. He has the highest number of different rivers descents with 1065 courses. Guinnes world record since 2002. 

Francesco Balducci

Girlfriends that share a passion for outdoor and adventures. They never miss a chance to try new sports and they have discovered kayak thanks to Valsesia, the place where their friendship got deeper.


Ski and kayak guide, he has competed in international races such as Sickline. He enjoys that as much as exploring mountains and rivers with his guests.

Julien Turin

He has been paddling for 30 years and since then he has never stopped. Beppe believes. paddling is philosophy of life it involves issues related to the environment and the river conservations. 

Beppe Caramella

World wide adventurer, waterfall lover, white water addicted. Sailor of the wildest rivers and seas.  He loves the element of the water in every form.

Patrick Consalvo

Stefano is a traveler, an explorer, a discoverer inspired by his burning desire of adventure as a form of personal growth, enrichment and understanding.

Stefano Tosto

Simon - Just too special

Founder and Head Coach of Gene17Kayaking, a specialise kayak school and tour operator. Former European Freestyle Champion and winner of numerous extreme races, Simon now hosts the Valsesia River Festival.

Out on 4th December

Simon Westgarth