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Contribute to saving the last Alpine rivers from the threat of hydropower developments

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Olympic champions, recordmen, world wide travellers, hikers, nature lovers aim to protect Val Sorba from hydropower stations developments in order to preserve its delicate ecosystem.
Not politicians, they make promises. But they do have tales that would love to share with you.

"the moment of infinity, in perfect symbiosis with the flow, you share its flow among a rock and another"

Some of the (many) brands, blog, associations in support of #savethesorba

Stands for #savethesorba

International brands such as RedBull, Sector and Palm have used the natural beauty of the Sorba Valley as a backdrop for productions that have caught the attention of thousands

RedBull - Nouria Newman
Sector - Shaun Baker
Palm - Jake Holland Aleix Salvat

Nimby or Byinm?

BackYard Is Not Mine 

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